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This is our SYSTÈME:
Système De Valeurs is every day luxury you can feel good about. We design for
the aesthetically and ethically inclined, considering the environmental impact of
every step along the way and always choosing the most sustainable practices
possible, but never compromising on style. 
So go ahead, Treat yo' self.
We design our products in the vibrant city of Montreal, source our alpaca from
Peru, which happens to be the alpaca capital of the world. And finally we
produce all of our products in a state of the art factory in New York, where
we can make sure we're producing top quality pieces and that the people
behind the garments are treated fairly and well compensated.
This is luxury you can feel good about. 
We nerd out on quality, always sourcing the finest materials and making
sure our craftsmanship and finishings are top notch. Whether its fine
baby alpaca yarn, or natural dyes, we make sure you're getting the good stuff. 
So that's us.
Whats Your Système De Valeurs? 
Join the conversation on Instagram and share your personal philosophy
on sustainable style using the hashtag #whatsyoursysteme and don't
forget to show off your fresh Système De Valeurs knits.
For more about us, check out Our Story

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