Cableknit bienville sweaters in soft tan and ivory by




A set of consistent values used for the purpose of ethical or ideological integrity.

Our mission is to always stay true to our value system:

1. Compelling Design First
We started our line first and foremost to create pieces that women actually want to wear and feel great in. We value thoughtful design that transcends seasonal trends and always leaves space for a little romance.

2. Support The People Behind the Clothes
In a world where disposable clothing is the norm, it’s easy to forget what really goes into creating a garment. We value the people who make our pieces and work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they are being well compensated and treated fairly. 

3. Quality and Craftsmanship
We nerd-out on quality. Everything from our yarn, to our trimmings, labels and packaging are carefully considered. Our pieces are meant to be worn season after season and passed down through generations, which means we build them to last.

4. Respect our Planet
We consider the environment through every step of our process, and try to reduce our impact wherever possible. Our yarn is natural and untreated and our packaging is made from post-consumer paper, even the tape we use is biodegradable. We believe in transparency and while we must constantly continue to improve and evolve our supply chain, we believe it is important to share our journey.

Our Story

Our Story Begins in Montreal

the origin of Systeme De Valeurs

We are two friends and fashion designers living in the vibrant city of Montreal. Our brand began initially as an epic email thread brainstorm. We knew we wanted to start our own line, and we knew we wanted it to look drastically different from the fast-fashion companies we were working for at the time. Email by email, our brand began to form and we decided on the name Système De Valeurs, as a reminder to never stray from our strong value system; the shared philosophy that we would never compromise on quality, style or ethics.

Next to The Peruvian Highlands

Alpaca Love

For our first collection, we designed a curated group of essential knitwear. Given the harsh winters in Montreal, cozy knits just made sense. We fell in love with alpaca, not only because we love the animals, but because their yarn is lustrous and soft and hypoallergenic. We sourced the best alpaca yarn from Peru, where the soft “baby” hairs from the alpaca’s undercoat are sheared and spun into the luxe yarns referred to as baby alpaca. Alpacas’ coats naturally come in a range of shades and the animals themselves have minimal impact on the land upon which they live, making them naturally sustainable.

We Then head to New York

Close Up of Bienville Sweater

Finding a great manufacturer was no easy task. We wanted to produce our knitwear as close to home as possible, but with the shift to producing overseas, specialized, local knitwear producers are few and far between. Thankfully, we found one of the last remaining full-fashion knitwear factories in New York . The family-owned, state of the art facility and highly trained technicians ensure that the pieces are crafted meticulously with the utmost quality. And that everyone involved in making them are treated well and fairly compensated. 

Early Polaroids from Systeme De Valeurs

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