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We're just dyeing to show you what we've been up to...

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Recently at the Système De Valeurs studio, we've been experimenting a bunch with natural dyeing. Admittedly, we weren't quite prepared for what we were getting ourselves into. Dyeing is quite the process, not only do you have to extract the colour from the materials through either soaking, grinding, or boiling, you also have to do a few pre-treatments to the materials that you are dyeing.


So far we've tried some tests with Logwood (the heart of the logwood tree), which yields reds and purples, Madder (from the roots of the plant), which yields rich reds and corals, Osage (the sawdust of the Maclura Pomifera tree), which yields a vivid yellow and finally black beans. We soaked the black beans for several days, which gave us a rich, dark colour...but surprisingly resulted in a medium grey. Check out the results below! Next up we'll be trying cochineal (bugs, yes dead bugs) and avocado skins and pitts. 

Stay Tuned!

Systeme_De_Valeurs_Knitwear_Sweaters_Fashion_Dyeing_Natural_Sustainable     Systeme_De_Valeurs_Knitwear_Sweaters_Fashion_Dyeing_Natural_Sustainable

Osage, Logwood, Madder and Black Beans! 


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