Why Alpaca Sweaters Are The Sustainable Option

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It's sweater weather time, and we get it, you're trying to keep your style game on point despite the chilly days ahead. If you're in the market for a luxurious sweater, you might want to consider choosing alpaca instead of cashmere.

Here at Système De Valeurs, we use 100% baby eco-alpaca yarn for our sweaters and accessories. Don't worry!...it doesn't come from baby alpacas, it actually comes from the fine baby hairs of fully grown alpacas. And the alpacas are not hurt or harmed during the shearing process.  And why alpaca? Well not only are they some of the cutest animals around (Our pictures are from our visit to an alpaca farm outside of Montreal), their fluffy hair makes for incredibly luxurious knitwear that is far more sustainable and superior to cashmere. Here's why:

Soft Paws: Alpacas have soft padded feet, rather than sharp hooves like cashmere goats. The soft paws tread lightly on the land that they live and graze on, so they don't disturb the soil and the crops. They also graze on vegetation without destroying the roots of the plants. Goats on the other hand basically destroy the land that they occupy because of their hooves and also break of the roots of the crops that they eat. 

Allergy Free: Alpaca yarn is hypoallergenic, so people who are sensitive to lambswool wool or cashmere, won't have that problem with alpaca yarn. 

Colour: Alpacas come in a variety of gorgeous natural shades, ranging from white, to tan, to brown, to black and more varieties in between. 

Size Matters: alpacas yield more yarn than cashmere goats, meaning less alapacas to heard and more sweaters! 

Soft and Luxurious: There's no denying alpaca yarn is super soft and lustrous. Just go ahead and give our sweaters a soft caress...we don't mind. 

We're busy in the studio working on our first collection so stay tuned for all of the fabulous alpaca action coming soon! 




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