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We met Spencer Glassman aka @yes_imspecer the millennial way; via instagram DM. We loved her aesthetic and right away, it was clear that she's a boss-lady who knows how to make things happen. Spencer organized and styled two photoshoots featuring our knits and also was kind enough to answer our pressing questions. 


Spencer is wearing our Laurier Scarf in Ivory.

SDV: Tell us a little about yourself...

Spencer: I just turned 20 and I live in Toronto. I do a lot of different things, which is a very millennial M.O these days. Mostly I curate, style and model in photoshoots. In the fall I’m going to film school to explore the technical side of the visual world. I want to be a visual storyteller. 


Spencer is wearing our Bienville Sweater in Soft Tan (coming soon). 

SDV: What are some choices that you make, or aspire to make (big or small)  in your life to live more sustainably?

Spencer: I’ve been vegetarian for the past 8 months and vegan on and off. Aside from the inhumane treatment of animals, I initially became veggie to combat climate change. I also RARELY shop fast-fashion! Buying thrifted or consignment clothing is not only generally more chic, but it also reduces carbon emissions, reduces clothing in landfills and uses less natural resources! 


Spencer is wearing our Bienville Sweater in Soft Tan (coming soon).  

SDV: What's your personal style philosophy?

Spencer: My style philosophy is NEVER STOP PLAYING DRESS UP! To ad-lib a quote I read on the internet: “When you feel like you have nothing to wear, it’s really because you have nothing to express who you are that day.” Some days I’m feeling my it-girl fantasy, some days I’m a cowgirl, somedays I’m a teen boy. Style is the way you hold yourself. NOT what you wear.


 Spencer is wearing our Bienville Sweater in Soft Tan (coming soon). 

SDV: Whats your Système de Valeurs? (code of ethics and values that you try to live your life by)

Spencer: Trust God. Clean house. Help others. 


 Spencer is wearing our Bienville Sweater in Ivory. 

SDV: What's one possession that you could not live without? 



SDV: What's a fact about yourself that most people don't know, or may find surprising?

Spencer: Je suis bilangue! 


SDV: What do you like best about living in Toronto?

Spencer: Toronto in the spring, when everyone is thawing and coming out of hiding. Walking down queen with my friends. Sitting in Trinity-Bellwoods. It’s home! 

Spencer is wearing the Bienville Sweater and Villeneuve Hat in Ivory
Photography: by Taylor Reynolds @taylurreynn
Styling and Model: Spencer Glassman @yes_imspencer

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