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 We met Sasha ( @sashamei ) at her apartment, on a chilly day in Montreal. She greeted us with both a cheery energy and a laid back vibe that she certainly conveys in her ultra stylish blog and instagram account. She managed to fit in a shoot with us and a visit to the v cool Café Osmo, between dance rehearsals and university assignments; she had seven hours of dance rehearsal the day before, she casually told us. Sasha who is a contemporary dancer, dance teacher, full-time McGill student and fashion blogger, certainly embodies the multi-hyphenate millennial cool-girl, we all aspire to be. We chatted with Sasha about her personal style philosophy and how she incorporates sustainability into her wardrobe.




SDV: What are some choices that you make (or aspire to make) in your life to live more sustainably?

Sasha:  For clothing, I try to shop from places where I either know the environmental impact of the clothes made and where they come from in order to lessen the sense of remove between consumer and clothing manufacturer. Or, I’ll shop vintage! I’m a vintage addict. I’m trying to be more conscious about my purchases, and think about something for a little longer before I buy it. I think it’s better to invest in something that is sustainably made and high quality, and buy fewer clothing items. With food, I eliminate as much waste as possible. I bring my own food to work and class, and always use reusable containers. I can’t stand bottled water. If I’m going to a cafe, I try make time to have my drink there in an actual mug. It’s so much nicer.


Sasha is wearing The Bienville Sweater in Ivory,
made from 100% eco-Baby alpaca yarn. Shop The Look.

SDV: What's your personal style philosophy?

Sasha: My personal style philosophy is to look classic and put together. There’s an Yves Saint Laurent quote: “Isn’t elegance forgetting what one is wearing?” I think that’s brilliant. As long as by forgetting what I’m wearing, someone manages to take a picture so I can Instagram it later!








SDV: Whats your Systeme de Valeurs? (code of ethics and values that you try to live your life by)

Sasha: My Systeme de Valeurs is to always be the brightest ray of sunshine in any room I walk into. I believe a smile is intoxicating; it has the power to infect everyone in the room and change an overall vibe. If I can instigate that change, there’s so much good that can come from that.







 Sasha is wearing The Bienville Sweater, The Laurier Scarf and The Villeneuve Hat in Ivory. All  made from 100% eco-Baby alpaca yarn. Shop The Look.


SDV: What's one possession that you could not live without?

Sasha: Other than my phone? I can’t live without my lip balm. I literally reapply every fifteen minutes.




SDV: what’s your favourite thing about living in Montreal?

Sasha: What I love about Montreal is that it’s easy to manoeuvre. I can get around anywhere by walking (when it’s warm). I don’t drive, but I like that it’s a lot smaller than Toronto, where I’m from. It doesn’t take me an hour to get to Old Montreal or the Mile End!







Items featured in this story:
The Villeneuve Hat (pompom style coming soon to the shop)


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