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We caught up with our good friend, Roslyn whose wellness and self-care regime is always on point and who also happens to always be effortlessly chic. She showed us around her dreamy Montreal apartment and neighbourhood, where we chatted about style and DIY beauty routines.

          Roslyn Gombe at home in Montreal wearing a systeme de valeurs alpaca sweater.


White Fire Place with plants and pictures at home with Roslyn Gobe 

What are some choices that you make (or aspire to make) in your life to live more sustainably?
I really like  finding a good garage sale ! Finding beautiful pieces and original items as opposed to paying more for an item that is essentially an updated version of the piece you can find at a good garage sale or thrift shop is much more satisfying . Plus you know you won't see anyone else wearing it! It is something I want to continue to do more of.


Roslyn Gombe at home in Montreal wearing a systeme de valeurs alpaca sweater.


cacuts and maya angelou book by the window - at home with Roslyn Gombe


What's your personal style philosophy?
Dress for how you feel ... Or want to feel. I would say I have two: comfy - stick to basics, or I like really feminine classic  looks that make me feel strong and confident !


Roslyn Gombe Reading at home


Whats your Systeme de Valeurs? (code of ethics and values that you try to live your life by)
I think since the first time I heard the golden rule "do onto others as you would have others done onto you" it really stuck with me and I try to live by this as much as possible !


Roslyn Gombe wearing the Laurier Scarf


Roslyn Gombe wearing the Laurier Scarf in Montreal

[ Roslyn wears The Laurier Scarf and The Bienville Sweater - now available in our online shop. ]


What's one possession that you could not live without?
Omggggg that's so tough. I have a few, but hair conditioner or a leave-in is something I can't live without . It brings my curls back to life!!


Selection of Beauty Products including Fenty, Glossier and Grown Alchemist


Word on the street is you're really into natural beauty and haircare. What's your go-to DIY beauty and / or hair remedy?
DIY for hair is definitely an Aztec clay hair mask I make at home !!! The best remedy to bring curls to life !! 20 mins in this mask and you have perfect defined curls !!! I also really like making homemade flax seed gel !!!


We'll definitely follow up with Roslyn to get that full hair mask recipe soon, so stay tuned! 


DIY Beauty products including aztec healing clay, apple cider vinegar


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