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Systeme De Valeurs Podcast Recommendations
No matter what time you're looking to pass or what or who you're trying to drown out, we have some podcast recommendations that can help with that.
  • Call Your Girlfriend is a lady centric podcast that touches on all things from politics, current events, of the moment celebrity issues and things that hit closer to home like friendship matters and Kaftans. It's like having a long distance phone call with your hilarious BFFs.
  • Pardon My French is hosted by the delightful and eloquent Garance Dore. She interviews friends and individuals with interesting stories to tell. Often her guests are in the field of design, so we definitely enjoy them. Not to be missed are her Pocket PMF, short podcasts where she discusses topics and laughs with them, they're hugely entertaining and very relatable.
  • 2 Dope Queens is maybe just the funniest thing on the internet. We almost don't recommend this for the office because you are bound to LOL. These women slay and their guests can hold their own too.
  • The Who Weekly is everything you need to know about everything you never thought you cared about. But trust us, you need to listen. This Podcast about all things celebrity is more educational than reading a Star Magazine and will have you laughing way more

Let us know what your favourite podcasts are, we're always on the hunt for some fresh listening.

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