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Genevieve Claire is a Vancouver based fashion and lifestyle blogger. She was gracious enough to share some of her personal style musings with us for our #whatsyoursysteme series.
Check out her classic, yet fresh aesthetic over at https://vieveclaire.com/ and on instagram at @vieveclaire
Genevieve Claire wearing Systeme De Valeurs Laurier Scarf
SDV: What are some choices that you make (or aspire to make) in your life to live more sustainably?
Genevieve: We love going to the farmers markets on the weekend and giving back to local businesses. For me there’s something nostalgic about visiting these places and it feels like you’re more immersed in the community, as opposed to going to a superstore. Whenever I go shopping I make sure to take a reusable bag big enough to hold my items and avoid using the plastic bags. I have also been loving how more and more brands are becoming transparent with their production.
Genevieve Claire in Systeme De Valeurs Laurier Scarf

SDV: What's your personal style philosophy?
Genevieve: "Only buy things that make you want to do a little dance in them” - I am currently going through a wardrobe revamp and selling or donating old clothes that no longer spark joy. Going back to sustainability, I am trying to be more mindful with the items I buy and ask myself, will I wear them in a month from now, 6 months from now, a year?

(3) Whats your Systeme de Valeurs? (code of ethics and values that you try to live your life by)
Genevieve: Dare to dream! So often we act as our own barriers to our dreams and aspirations. I also believe that we should treat others with kindness regardless of who they are. The world would be a better place with more love and acceptance.
Genevieve Claire in the Systeme De Valeurs Laurier Scarf
SDV: What's one possession that you could not live without? 
Genevieve: I’m not really tied to any possessions but if I was only allowed to live with a few luxury items for 30 days then I would take music, pictures, books, paper and pencils. 
SDV: What's a fact about yourself that most people don't know, or may find surprising?
Genevieve: I used to live in a converted Railway Station, with my family in the South of England. 
SDV: What do you like best about living in Vancouver?
Genevieve: I feel like Vancouver is a very young and health conscious city. Great food, good coffee, mountains, beaches, markets. Not to mention close to the Okanagan wine valley! 
Genevieve Claire in the Systeme de Valeurs Laurier Scarf
All photos courtesy of Genevieve Claire.

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