Caring For Your Knits

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Caring for wool and alpaca doesn't need to be done at the dry cleaners, dry cleaners use lots of nasty chemicals and the worst part is they aren't necessary. With a little TLC you can take perfect care of your sweaters at home. Just follow these steps:

  • Pre treat any stains
  • Turn your sweater inside out
  • Hand was the sweater in cool water and mild detergent gently agitating and soaking for about 30 mins or
  • Rinse in cold water until there is no more soap, be careful not to twist, instead gently squeeze
  • Place the sweater in a mesh bag and wash in a gentle cycle on cold with mild detergent (try our favourite one by The Laundress)
  • For extra quick drying lay on a towel and gently press the water out of the sweater, dry the sweater flat in its original shape
  • Do not iron and this can crush the fibers
  • Always store your sweaters folded, never hung up as this can cause them to stretch out of shape
  • Be sure to wash them before storing them for the summer to help prevent moths from finding them as a yummy treat

If you take the time and show your sweaters you care they're sure to last for years to come. Maybe long enough so that they go out of style and come back in, that would be convenient! 

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