5 Steps To a More Conscious Closet

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We've started 2017 with 5 tips to have a more conscious closet:

1) Mend old favourite items
Check out some youtube tutorials to up your sewing game, or if you want to get really fancy, consider enrolling in a local sewing class.

2) Host a clothing swap
Serve some mimosas and make a fun day out of it. Not only will your friends be delighted to get their hands on a sweater or two that they've been eyeing from your closet, but you'll gain some new threads without having to spend a penny. 

3) Consider a capsule wardrobe
Edit and plan out your wardrobe with versatility in mind. Forget fads, instead choose items that work together across seasons. 

4) Cut the clutter
Call it the Marie Kondo effect, call it minimalism; whatever you want to call it, you have to admit, de-cluttering feels great. It also helps you cut down the urge to impulse shop when you take inventory of all the unworn clothing sitting in your closet. Generally if you haven't worn something for 6 months to a year, it's probably just taking up space. Donate those old clothes to local charities in need, or if your clothes are past the point of mending or donating, there are also some pretty cool startups that want your old hole-y clothing. 

5)  Buy less, choose well
Support brands that produce ethically made clothing that is made to last season after season. Remember, you get what you pay for when it comes to clothing. Fast-fashion gets its name for a reason. Not only is fast-fashion clothing made from poor quality materials in order to keep costs low, It is also responsible for much of the world's pollution and is often produced in conditions where workers aren't even paid a living wage. Of course if you're a fashion enthusiast, completely curbing your shopping habit isn't really a realistic goal, but being a conscious consumer means doing your research and being mindful about the brands you buy. There are plenty of new brands aiming to change the face of the fashion industry (us included) by designing clothing made from eco friendly materials, producing them ethically and crafting high quality products that are made to last in the long term. Many new companies also have options to recycle your garments after they are truly worn out. 

What are your tips?  Shout us out on twitter with the hashtag #sdvconsciousclosets and we'll retweet our fave tips. 

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